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Premium WordPress ThemesConvenience to upload and host photos or images on Internet is affecting to Internet trend, including how people making a blog. There are many bloggers who want to create a photo gallery blog. If you are using WordPress you can easily find photo gallery plugin for wordpress. I told him that it was not difficult. Then I recommend to use NextGen Gallery wordpress plugin. Best premium wordPress themes 2018 – responsive website templates for everyone.

Indeed there are several plugins that can be used to make Photo Gallery. I chose to recommend most popular plugin, although each person has different choices and have their own best wordpress photo gallery plugin.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin

NextGEN Gallery is a full integrated Image Gallery plugin for WordPress with a Flash slideshow option. Before I start writing the plugin I study all photo and picture plugins for WordPress, I figure out that some of them are really good and well designed, but I missed a simple and easy administration back end to handle multiple photos, galleries and albums.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Keep Your Current Theme with Buddypress using BuddyPress Template Pack

Feel that the interaction on your blog quite intensive, and makes you think that you need to provide a social media networking features on your site it is worth for you to try BuddyPress.

Using BuddyPress is an easier choice than WordPressMU, because BuddyPress can work only on one wordpress installation. But most bloggers do not want to use BuddyPress, the problem is they do not want to change their theme and use default theme from BuddyPress.

Lucky Andy, BuddyPress developer, creates an awesome plugin that could solve this problem. Now you can use BuddyPress Template Pack that can help you to easily use your current theme with BuddyPress.

BuddyPress for One (and All!)

As it turned out, you could keep your current theme with BuddyPress if you added a couple of files and made a few file edits. There was even a link on the BuddyPress site to download the necessary files. That still seemed a little clunky, though, so Andy, super awesome guy that he is, went ahead and made a plugin to get you started. The BuddyPress Template Pack can be installed directly from your WordPress admin (Plugins > Add New), and will walk you through the theme additions step by step.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Alexa Rank Widget WordPress Plugin by WordPressapi has launched the Alexa Rank Widget wordpress plugin. If you are someone who really cares about your blog or website statistic you may care about the Alexa Rank. In a world of make money online Alexa Rank is sometimes used by some make money online programs to measure a blog. (especially paid reviews or if just want to sale add space on your blog)

If you want to make money through blog advertising on your blog shows Alexa rank might will more attract attention from advertisers. Alexa Rank Widget wordpress plugin is open source and can be downloaded for free.

Alexa Rank Widget wordpress plugin can help you to easily add Alexa Rank widget in wordpress sidebar. You’ll get option to choose how to showing the Alexa rank in side bar: Squre – Button (120 x 95) or Vertical – Vertical Banner (120 x 240). All you need to do is set Alexa Rank Widget from the plugin admin panel to make a configration and choose your button.

If you want to use Alexa Rank Widget Plugin you can read more information and download this plugin on WordPress Directory.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – How to Simply Create a Merchant and Affiliate Site Using FREE WordPress Plugin?

Some make money bloggers taught that one best way to get money from the internet is affiliate blogging. But have you felt curious when the affiliate marketers make money, how about the merchant who create and sell their own products? How much money do they get?

This post will not teach you how to become online marketers who make your own products. But if you want to create a simple affiliate system using WordPress I found a plugin that can help you to turn WordPress into affiliate machines. The most interesting thing of this plugin is FREE!

What You can get with Affiliate Plus?

If you already have an idea to create a product and plans to recruit affiliates to help market your products then you can try Affiliate Plus WordPress plugin. This plugin easily change your blog or website link into an affiliate link by adding the parameter and the username. Automatically after login your affiliate will get their affiliate url link.

Affiliate Plus Settings

As a merchant here you can make some settings:

  • Override cookie: select if the cookie should be overridden if one already exists
  • Cookie expire: number of days untill the cookie expires, 0 to let it expire after session end (ie.closing the browser window)
  • Redirect URL: URL to send users to after they log in (does not affect users with admin privileges)
  • landingpage URL: URL to send visitors to after arriving at your site through an affiliate link
  • affiliate tracking parameter: name of the parameter to use for affiliate tracking (ie affid, sendby, hearedfrom) default value is affid, which means user phil should send visitors to
  • Show referral ID on signup page: select to show referral ID on the signup form.
  • Show affiliate details on user page: select to show ‘referred by’ ‘number of referrals’ and ‘affiliate URL’ on the users profile page.

Then on affiliate side they will find their affiliate URLs on profile page. Their can use the link and see how much new use referred by their affiliate ID. Their can see ‘referred by’, ‘number of referrals’ and ‘affiliate URL’ on the users profile page.

As a merchant you too can see that on Users -> Autors & Users. If you are interesting to make money online as online marketers and sale your own product online merchants also build your site simply, cheap and easy to use you can try Affiliate Plus WordPress Plugin.

eBay Niche Store – How to Install phpBay Pro

PhpBay Pro wordpress plugin allows you to populate your website with that link directly into eBay as eBay Partner network. You can make unlimited number of websites for your eBay Partner network campaign. On this PhpBay video tutorial, David will show you what he has done. In this case, David shows you how he builds a Barack Obama Memorabilia website.

He uses PhpBay Pro wordpress plugin to populate the site with rich keyword text linked to eBay auction site. So if peoples come to his website and click on the link and buy something from eBay auction site you can get some money.

If you want to build an eBay Affiliate Auction site like David and make money online, you can use PhpBay Pro wordpress plugin and watch this video tutorial. Thanks to David for making this great video tutorial. People (especially entrepreneurs and online businesses) will get benefit from it. Again, enjoy this video!

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