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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018


The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Every few years Google will go through a rather large and drastic algorithm tweak that leaves everyone in the industry running around and scrambling to try to fix any rankings their websites or their client’s websites might lose. There is a great deal of chatter in the industry lately that website load time is going to be a large factor for website rankings. Matt Cutts from Google has said that as it will be important it will not be a major factor yet. Best premium WordPress themes for 2018, the next challenge is where to get your theme.

Google’s ultimate continuous goal with or without any search engine updates is to increase the speed and efficiency of the search engines which is always a very important aspect of anything technical and online. You really can’t blame Google for wanting to make their search engines highly efficient and lighting quick. After all it is all about the user experience when it comes to using a search engine and if over time the results take longer and longer to appear people will eventually be turned off. Is the search engine optimization industry just getting paranoid? Maybe a little bit but at the end of the day it is still really important to have a very quick and efficient website regardless of what Google says will be a ranking factor.

Premium WordPress Themes – Your Hosting

For all of those businesses large and small who might be worried their rankings will simply tank just from changing their hosting company can now sleep at night. Coming from Matt Cutt’s mouth he claims that changing your hosting company will not affect your SEO in any sort of way. This is assuming that you are moving to a quality hosting company and not to a server that is jammed up with other spammy websites. Changing a hosting provider can be a very scary moment for many businesses especially when your entire livelihood depends on your website. Any problems could put your sales for that day or week in a very tricky and dangerous situation.

Always try moving your website to a quality hosting company. It might not directly reflect your rankings but you never want your company website to share a server with a handful of websites that might have slightly frowned upon services. If one of those website carries a virus onto the server the server could ultimately go down for some period of time.

Premium WordPress Themes – New Region

Google announced on Dec. 1 that it had added a new region tag to top-level domains where a website’s location could not be discerned by a title tag or snippet and where the country code isn’t a clue. In other words, for .com, .net and .org TLDs.

Why would Google do that? Obviously, it’s because things can get confusing if you are looking for a specific result and you know where an organization is located, but you don’t know its URL. You perform your search and the results do not give you the clues you need to find what you want. Google’s example can be found on the official Webmaster Central Blog.

I think this is going to be a helpful tag and if you want to give away your location to help searchers find you more easily, all you need to do is log in to Webmaster Tools, click on Site Configuration – Settings – Geographic Target. Choose a country or region to associate with your site and your region tag will appear when appropriate.

My only concern with this is will you get pigeonholed into that region? Will, at some point, Google decide to show your website only to people searching from that region or will your site still be available globally? I hope the latter. I’d hate to see people’s businesses fall off because a search engine decided that because you are located in South Africa your site should only be seen by South Africans. That would be bad of that business conducted business throughout the world.

Premium WordPress Themes – Backlink Tool

SEO tools are a dime a dozen. They are also essential for your success online. If you want to develop a successful SEO campaign then you need to take a look at the tools that you are using and make the best use of them.

One of the best free tools online is Yahoo! Site Explorer. It’s a simple tool really, but it is powerful when used correctly.

The obvious benefit to using Yahoo! Site Explorer is the ability to list your websites and check your inbound links. There are a few other free tools that do this so well, such as Google Webmaster Tools, which I highly recommend as well. The drawback (and benefit) to the Yahoo Site Explorer backlink tool is that it lists all the internal links from your own site as well as inbound links from other sites. You want good internal links, of course, but if the majority of your inbound links are links from your own site then you need to do some additional relevant link building (which should be on going and natural anyway).

But don’t just check the inbound links for your own site. Yahoo! Site Explorer also allows you to check the links of the sites that link to you. You should definitely do this. By looking at the links pointing to the sites linking to you, you have the ability to see what authority those sites are passing on to you. You can also follow those links to see if the sites are linking to you too. This is actually a good way to find new places that might be a potential way to market your company, website and to get a highly relevant link that will produce visitors.

Finally, Yahoo! Site Explorer can be used for competitive research. You can enter an URL of a domain you don’t own and check the links for it as well. Highly recommended. By knowing who is linking to you and who is linking to the sites that are linking to you, you get a full mental picture of your link portfolio and the authority that your links are passing on to you. Yahoo! Site Explorer is very good for that, so be prepared to spend some time!

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