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Premium WordPress ThemesNew website owners seldom think about the importance of their server in regards to search engine optimization. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of building a website and it can get you into deep trouble if you don’t consider the options soon enough. Premium WordPress Themes – StudioPress.

You have may have heard warnings about linking to bad neighborhoods. All that really means is that the server you are on is critical in terms of who you may be (often unknowingly) associated with.

Most new website owners, and many veteran site owners, go with the cheapest hosting plans they can find. This could be hurting you. Those cheap hosting plans are often shared hosting plans, which means that you share the server with several other websites. Do you know what those websites are? Chances are, no. And your web host likely isn’t going to tell you. So what can you do?

One thing you can do is go for a more expensive hosting plan and host your site on a dedicated IP. That will ensure that you don’t end up on a server with bad sites or spammy neighbors. You should also consider your site’s security. If it is easily hacked then you might become that “bad neighbor”. The horror stories are growing, but there are plenty of websites that have been hacked and used as a haven for spam, ruining their own chances of becoming a good neighbor themselves.

Finally, ensure that you examine the sites carefully that you do link to. One of the things that often gets website owners into trouble is just linking to a site that they think is cool without really examining where that site links to and what they offer. Has that site been hacked? Does it lead to bad neighborhoods?

Even if you do all of the above, you could still end up on a server with a site that is bad. And it could hurt your reputation with the search engines even if you aren’t linking to the other site. If there are several bad sites on your server then your site could get lumped in with those other sites. If a search engine bans an IP block or penalizes a complete block of IPs then your site could be affected. If you see a sudden drop in PageRank and you know that you’ve done nothing wrong, that could be the case. Move your site to another host or ask for a dedicated IP and see if that fixes your problem.

Premium WordPress Themes – Your Website

This post is beyond the scope of search engine optimization, but it should be helpful. The Google Analytics Blog has a great post showing you how to set up goals for your site using Google Analytics. I highly recommend you read that post. But why would you want to do that?

Well, establishing goals is always a good thing in business, but it’s even better if you can measure how successful you are in reaching them. Google Analytics allows you to do that with ease. By setting up goals you can tell at a glance where you are having abandonment issues, if you are having abandonment issues, or where customers are bailing on the purchase process. With Google Analytics Goals, you measure each step of your sales process funnel and Analytics will tell you how many people make it through that part of the conversion process.

By being able to measure your goals and know when you are losing prospective buyers, you can address any issues that need address. You have actionable data. And that’s why Goal measurement is one of the most important things for any business.

Premium WordPress Themes – New Domain

If you have a set of folders that you want to spin off into a separate domain name, that is possible using mod rewrite rules. Let me be clear that the following instructions are for Apache servers. The protocol will be different for Linux and Windows servers. But let’s say you have a blog that you want to spin off into its own domain name.

For instance, your blog currently sits at http://mydomainname.com/blog, but you want to move it to http://myblog.com. How do you move your blog to the new domain name without breaking your links?

Create an .htaccess file out of a blank Notepad document and add this one line of code to it:

RedirectMatch 301 blog/(.*) http://myblog.com/$1

Broken down, the command involves your existing folder at the old domain followed by a forward slash and .* enclosed in parentheses. The asterisk in parentheses tells the user’s browser to include any folder with the preceding antecedent in the command. So any permalink in the blog folder of your domain name will be redirected. Put the .htaccess file in the folder in question (ie blog) and your redirect will be complete.

It’s always best, when you are redirecting a series of pages, to just include the paramaters for the parent page or folder and include all its subservient pages. It’s a lot less work.

Premium WordPress Themes – Multiple Accounts

If you are a developer and you need access to multiple Google Analytics accounts from different users, you can get access to that information for your search engine optimization clients if you can build your own application using the Google Analytics API. Several developers have already done this.

The Google Analytics Developer’s Guide can walk you through the steps and give you all the information you need to develope your own code for use with Google Analytics. In fact, if you check the lab, someone else may have already developed code that you can use for your purposes.

As you can see by visiting the above link, the Google Analytics API and documentation code supports a variety of languages, including .NET, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Go ahead. Start using the Google Analytics API. I’d like to see what you come up with.

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